January 14, 2022











Kids. I know this “decision” was put out

most likely using a template,

but how hard is it, to simply remove

Per Curiam

from a temporary decision

that is in no way



per curiam

denoting a decision of a judge,
or of a court in unanimous agreement.


Gosh. How much are you getting paid?



Kids. The “5” kids, not the “4” kids...

when you’re giving your

Official decision,

put your names on it.

Own it baby.

If you can’t do that,

we have no idea who specifically

wrote that temporary “decision”

that’s completely unconstitutional,

and full of political hype and overtones

that have nothing to do

with individual good faith Citizen

Constitution Rights protecting

the liberty to govern one’s self

in matters of person, health, and volition.


It was interesting to read

the “dissenting” intelligence

that did honor and render decision

based on the duties and limitations

of those Constitution Rights Law

representative judicial positions.


While I respect the tempered moderation

and reasoning of John and Brett,

the baseless, fear-based uncertainty

the three additional politicians

invoked in rendering their

unconstitutional superstitions and fears

concerning health and

their misguided propensity

to dictate the lives of others,


such position has no such authority

and while each

good faith United States citizen

can hold all sorts of opinions and

misunderstandings about things,


such deficiency of omniscience

does most certainly render

fearful mortals impotent

in pronouncing declarations of

authoritarian despotism,

where no such authority is granted,


and according to

the Constitution Right Laws

each of you are on Oath of Office to

protect, defend, and preserve,


such usurpation of “official” authority

is a dereliction

of the duties of those positions,

and direct violation

of the limitations of such office.


As judicial representatives,

you are bound (limited) by

The United States Constitution,

The Declaration of Independence,

and The Constitution Rights Laws

you were nominated and appointed

to uphold and preserve.


Your individual “health” concerns

and fears for your personal lives

or the lives of others,

do not override the duties, responsibilities,

and limitations of that duty.


As you are not omniscient,

and sadly have bought into

the ludicrous politicization of nothing

but the common cold and flu,


5 of you have rendered yourselves,


in faithful service

to the limited duties and responsibilities

of those judicial positions.


The baseless,

inaccurate “medical” propaganda

stated as irrefutable “fact” from

Sonia, in particular,

is cause for serious concern

as to motives and personal coercions

she may be willfully,

or under criminal duress,



At best, after such absurd statements,

the honorable action would have been

to recuse herself from such “opinion”,

obviously not having even basic

understanding of the duties and

limitations of that judicial position,

let alone of the false political “pandemic”

at hand.


Having discovered and published

the cure for that which

political terrorists

from both political “parties”

and collusive agency personnel

have criminally terrorized

for monopolized financial exploitation

among those so conspired,


in bringing this discussion

above that malarkey

(yes, malarkey is a particularly healthy,

and liberating legal term)


my concern is that Sonia,

and many of the justices

bringing such “opinions”

not at all unanimous,


each of you are

not only fellow United States citizens,

but fellow human beings,

some of you with more urgency

of those “health” concerns

due to your individual

chronological age,



and general expectations

about such physical self-assessment.



The common cold,

and its further negative progression

into what is known as the “flu”,

which are all “covid”, “coronavirus” is,


is not contagious.


It only seems that way.



Because I discovered the cause

I understand how to cure it,

and essentially eradicate it.


It is a behavioral misunderstanding,

not some dreaded threat

as has been irresponsibly

inaccurately exploited.


I explain the entire update

of human understanding,

in my coursebook,

The Cure for the Common Cold
and Divine Healing of America


that was not at all written in response

to such political silliness,

but is the culmination of 12 years,

and 5 years specifically

exploring the effects of cold temperature,

and cold temperature on the human body,

and was being formally written

beginning December 29, 2019,

long before the first hints of

the preposterous fraudulent narrative of

“bat-soup” in China and

the political “pandemic” charade

was being introduced.

As I was just finishing up the coursebook,

Speaker Pelosi was

casually telling everyone it was no big deal

and to go have dinner in Chinatown,

and facemasks were sanely dismissed

by the CDC as unnecessary

and not effective.


Because I respect your intelligence,

and years of good faith public service

using your abilities and talents

in matters of legal discernment

and solution,


I know you each would enjoy,

reading something far more important

to you individually,

and in respect to giving “opinions”

on matters of health,

will be much better informed,

as to just how our bodies


to the effects of cold temperature

and cold temperature environments,




It’s why,

even after all the

glorified flu (covid, coronavirus) vaccines

that have been criminally imposed

against United States citizens,

people are still getting sick,

and yes, dying

due to those misunderstood effects.

Those aren’t “breakthrough cases”.

It’s well known and easily predictable

that was going to happen

because it is common knowledge

flu vaccines have never prevented

anyone from getting a cold or the flu,

let alone prevented the further

negative progressions of those

misunderstood effects.


The charade that there was a “pandemic”

and that the esteemed justices

have been drawn into such matters

always reserved to individual citizen

person, volition, and privacy,


is most certainly silly,

and diminishes that once gracious

honor and esteem

granted by our citizenry

in making such


Court decisions.


You each would do well

to read the coursebook,

and will be delighted to find,

it’s written in such a way

that even the most common

of literate citizens

can read, understand, and enjoy,

to protect themselves


from just such formerly mysterious

effects and unnecessary concern.


Mandating vaccinations

for any group of United States citizens

directly violates individual volition

and is, in this specific question of

employee requirement by

coerced threat of

immediate termination of livelihood,


a form of involuntary servitude,

something each of the esteemed justices

of the Court would most certainly recognize

as a direct violation of the

13th Amendment,

which explicitly prohibits


and yes,

Involuntary Servitude.


We don’t to that in the United States.

And while the dissenting justices,

did accurately bring some

common sense defense and preservation

of those protections from just such

tyranny and despotism,

sadly they were “outnumbered”

by those who put baseless fears

over the sworn duties and limitations

of those esteemed positions.


No worries.

The good news is,


the United States citizens

know when somebody is

irrationally threatening their individual

life, livelihood, and Happiness.


I mean my goodness,

even in the rendered 5-4 opinion,

you were referencing concerns about a

“delta” variant, that the narrative

has long since moved on from

because the impotent vaccines

being opportunistically Coercively forced

against good faith United States citizens,

and their children,

did not, predictably, do

what politicians

and malpracticing bureaucratic


assured the public they would do.


Such is the nature of making false claims

from a position of official Public Trust,

similar to the ghastly false information

Sonia proclaimed

concerning 100,000 children


when no such numbers were true.


Even the most reasoned intellect

would concede that if the justices

are given such wildly inaccurate

and disparate information from

supposedly “trusted” sources,


it would make rendering good decision



Samuel, understood that,

remembered his Constitutional duty,

and rightly addressed the “uncertainty”

of the data and the agencies attempting to

usurp their limited duties

and force a “decision” that will,

as written in his dissent,

“ripple through administrative agencies’ future decisionmaking [sic]. The Executive Branch already touches nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. In concluding that CMS had good cause to avoid notice-and-comment rulemaking, the Court shifts the presumption against compliance with procedural strictures from the unelected agency to the people they regulate. Neither CMS nor the Court articulates a limiting principle for why, after an unexplained and unjustified delay, an agency can regulate first and listen later, and then put more than 10 million healthcare workers to the choice of their jobs or an irreversible medical treatment.”

(As a matter of aesthetic, it is most odd, that the method of preparing such
Court decision and dissent uses
manual word hyphenation line breaks,

instead of using modern
word-processing justification settings, and specifically limiting word hyphenation, as kindly presented in this reference for greater ease of comprehension and readability.

There was one “correction” as noted,
and in light of the compounded, hyphenated adjective preceeding “rulemaking”, common comprehension and readability allows for such non-hyphenated combination of “rule” and “making” in that specific usage and instance
that in their extensive careers, the justices will have most certainly convened such judicially specific usage. )


The good news

for healthcare facilities and their workers

unconstitutionally threatened by such

usurpation of authority and limitation,

is found in the “5” part

of the 5-4 temporary decision:


“The rule requires providers to offer medical and religious exemptions, and does not cover staff who telework full-time.

A facility’s failure to comply may lead to monetary penalties, denial of payment for new admissions, and ultimately termination of participation in the programs.”


If I were a CEO or Executive Administrator

of one of the “facilities” so Coercively,

despotically threatened,


I would simply return

individual citizen employee

Constitution Rights of volition

when it comes to

individual matters of health and privacy,

and issue a facility-wide medical exemption

for all employees

as the Executive Medical Administrator

of that facility,

which would then

allow individual citizen employees,

to make more accurate, personal,

informed decision

regarding vaccination

or any other health recommendation

any agency suggests.

(They have no authority or
powers of tyrannical oppression.)


To discriminate against individual citizen

healthcare employees in facilities

that have been unconstitutionally forced

to accept Medicare or Medicaid patients

in the first place,

(oh yes, how easily you have forgotten, the unconstitutionality of the Obamacare tyranny and that attempted “government” healthcare insurance coup),


truly, in reading that ultimate

“worst case outcome”

of intelligently, rightly not complying

with such politicization of health,

and belligerent violation of

individual citizen volition and privacy,


I simply smiled,


and thought about all the awesome

good faith

rational, intelligent

medical Professionals

who would genuinely welcome

not being forced to essentially work for free,

in seeing endless groups of

behaviorally low-minded,

low-educated citizens,

and far worse,

the strategic tactic of overwhelming

and bankrupting those honorable facilities

insisting that foreign illegal invaders

must receive the same care

as good faith United States citizens,

or else be

as stated in this absurd

CMS threat and dereliction:

“A facility’s failure to comply may lead to

monetary penalties, [criminal extortion]

denial of payment for new admissions,

[Coercion, Deprivation, Breach of Contract]

and ultimately

termination of participation

in the programs.” (Yay!)



Forcing United States healthcare facilities and

their United States citizen workers

to work under Duress of

such neanderthal harassment and thuggery,

is Involuntary Servitude.


And so, go ahead,

threaten all you want,

and you know what,



that “threat”

of termination of forced participation

in those stupid, irresponsible,

bankrupting programs,


returns intelligent civilized Life,

Liberty and Honorable Professionalism,

back to those

who choose to devote their lives

to their Oath of civility and common sense,

“Do No Harm”.


It is most self-evident that any

Constitution Rights representative agency,

threatening good faith Citizens

with the great harm of Deprivation,


Involuntary Servitude,

and Pharmaceutical Assault,


has most Certainly

criminally exceeded the

limitations of such Public Trust

and Service.



Thank you for the opportunity

to read such judicial reasonings,

and identifying those among you

who do need a few moments of

remedial Constitution reading

to remember what the

job requirements, duties, and limitations

of those positions are.


Sonia. Bless your heart.

Such silly political activism

has no place

on the esteemed Court.


While yes, the nonsensical,

and ever-changing ruminations of

malfeasant, malpracticing CDC employees

have been unnecessarily fear-bullying,


compounding that malarkey

with your own personal fears of

health and mortality

are not professional,

or appropriate,

in deciding matters of

individual citizen

governance of one’s self,

most especially in such personal decisions

of health, privacy, and livelihood.


In summary, for those “5”

of the 5-4 temporary “decision”,

I would ask each of you

to consider how different

your rendering of

forced pharmaceutical assault would be,

if instead of a “covid” (flu) vaccine,

the CDC in collusion with

Moderna, Pfizer, and other

pharmaceutical conglomerates,

both domestic and foreign,

then attempt to force those

10 million healthcare workers

to take the new HIV/AIDS vaccine,

they’ve been setting such stage for,

injecting derivatives of that

behaviorally caused immune deficiency

into perfectly healthy

United States citizen healthcare workers,

in an insane, diabolical “attempt”

to “boost” immunity,

by injecting HIV/AIDS

as a requisite for employment.


At that, the room, and the “per curiam”,









and betrayal

of at least those 10 million citizen

healthcare workers,

they so ignorantly


deprived justice

and condemned.



sentence (someone) to a particular punishment, especially death.

(of circumstances) force (someone) to endure something unpleasant or undesirable.


Golly kids.

How much do you get paid?


You know,

in my remedial class for politicians,

I reminded them

that their generous salaries,

(not including all the benefits, perks, and

criminal financial returns on insider trading),

just those salaries

are more than the incomes of

90 percent of United States households.


Those “Supreme Court” positions,

are that, too,

and you have the extraordinary grace

and luxury,

of honorably retaining those positions

as long as you choose,

with the exception

of dereliction and violation

of the duties and limitations

of those gracious positions.



I have been seemingly hard on you,

for just that reason.

You are not there

to impose your personal fears,

or hypochondrias

on those who have no such concerns.



John and Brett

stepped alongside such

human concerns,

and brilliantly,

exposed the greater remedy found

in such truly despotic

overreach and overplaying of

“executive branch” prerogative,

that is never to violate

the individual sovereignty and volition

of good faith United States citizens.


While such intellectual cleverness

did not fall short of its duty

among those so astute,

clarity for the simplest of citizen

tasked with the administration of

fellow citizen employees,

needs to be easily understood,

and should truly have been

a per curiam (unanimous) rebuke

of such political shenanigans.


Those judicial positions,

as are all positions of

public Trust and service,

are bound (limited) by those

Constitution Right Laws,

specifically to prevent

just such tyranny, coercion,

duress, and deprivation

as has been criminally perpetrated

during this political pandemic of oppression.


No government agency, or its employees,

should be engaged in monopolization

of healthcare, pharmaceutical companies,

and be financially profiting from investments

in those dictated forced products.


It’s racketeering, exploitation,

and essentially nothing but

mafia-like, mob-like domestic terrorism.


There is no

United States agency official or advisor

authorized to dictate

his exploitive health demands

on United States citizens.


Such nonsense and willful violation

of all common sense civility and

propriety when it comes to matters of health,

is what should have given

each of you great concern,

so much so, among you

you could have easily recommended

swift legal indictment

and removal of such dereliction

and unconstitutional threat

to United States citizens.


Thankfully, refreshingly,

the “dissent” brought such rationality,

but refrained

just short of that swift,

Constitutional remedy.


Our lives are not political pincushions

to be criminally exploited

at the hands of despotic oppressors.


And kids,

firing an employee

over nothing but colds and flu,

when you yourselves

don’t even understand what causes it,


is just plain silly.


Make no mistake,

this isn’t about those silly

warp-speeded flu (covid) vaccines.


In our reasoning together,

think about that for just a moment.

How do you think they magically

came up with a supposed vaccine

so quickly,

when the story was they didn’t know

anything about what they were dealing with,

and yet wow,

Moderna was just first introduced

as a publicly traded company

in December of 2019,

and golly their only product

just happened to be...

a “covid” (flu) vaccine.


And DARPA had direct investments

in Moderna labs.


So pull out your protocols on

trials for Treason,


and Breach of the Peace, kids.


Corrupt, collusive crimes against

the United States citizenry,


because thankfully,

that’s something

you will most certainly

be presiding,

much to the great relief,

of an intelligent, healthy,

productive, prosperous





Much Love,

Mama Murphy






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