September 27, 2023


I don’t care.


But Mama, don’t you want to

listen to the debate?


There’s nothing to debate.

There are at least two individuals

on that stage, who are not eligible

because both their parents

are completely foreign...

foreign-born, foreign-raised,



One of those two, corruptly appointed

an individual to an open seat

in South Carolina

who has serious reading

and reading comprehension issues,

that would completely disqualify him

for any position of public service,

most especially one

of a legislative or leadership capacity.

If you cannot read and understand

documents that position would be

regularly reading, voting, and/or vetoing,

obviously, that individual would be duped

into agreeing to or signing documents

that directly violate

the Constitution Rights,

Freedom, and Liberty


to all good faith


United States Americans.


So that’s at least three

on that alleged “debate” stage

not eligible or qualified

to be in any public service position

in the United States of America,

and most certainly not

the Office of the President.


There’s another one on that stage

who thinks his first best plan

would be to “declare an emergency”

to tackle the problem of foreign invasion

on the U.S. southern border.


Hey kid.

Sure, you went to Yale, Harvard,

and then allegedly did some “service”

in the U.S. military as a JAG prosecutor,

but you know what is pathetic

about that “emergency” malarkey

that well golly was so criminally abused

and assaulted against America

and good faith Americans

the past three years,

they corruptly used that excuse

to shut the entire economy down

over nothing but the common cold and flu,

they fraudulently fictionalized into

an epic pandemic of biblical proportions

just to tyrannically monopolize

a captive “market” excuse to dictate

forced pharmaceutical assault

of nothing but a stupid “flu shot”

that didn’t work, will never work,

and they knew it, because wow,

it wasn’t about any of that,

it was just about

how much money they were going to heist

through that money laundered excuse

to bill all that to the U.S. government,

and send the rest to foreign nations.


So kid,

to hell with the “emergency” nonsense.

In the United States,

there is no “politically declared” emergency

that overrides

the guaranteed Freedoms, Liberties,

Intelligence, and

extraordinarily greater common sense

of good faith


happy, healthy Americans.


Ron, you’re the one

who parroted and forced the CDC’s inane

physical facemask assault

against every American Floridian

in May of 2020, just as we were going into

the summer season,

even against sweetheart family vacationers

with children in their swimsuits

on the beach.


That was farfegnoogen nuts, Ron.

Absolute tyrannical lunacy.


Stop claiming you “pulled Florida” out

of that nonsense as if you did everything

to protect the guaranteed

Constitution Rights

of American Floridians.


Sure, you at least eventually did better

than many other individual State governors,

and well my goodness,

the horror of what that situation

could have been if the goofball militant

who ran against you in 2018

had actually succeeded

on his inane, unconstitutional

campaign “promise” of ending

“stand-your-ground” laws in Florida...

my gosh...

Florida would still be locked down

and the Florida economy so slumlorded

and impoverished, the scenes in

“I am Legend” would have been

like a lush paradise, compared to what that

third world hell

political terrorist organizer malarkey

would have attempted to shove.


Kid, you have some good ideas,

but you’re playing footsie politics,


and good faith Americans,

most especially after

the past three years of absolute idiocy,

are done with anything

that even sounds political or “politician”,

because the truth is






and simply protected and preserved


Constitution Rights

every good faith American always has

to breathe freely,

without forced, physical facemask assault,

and most especially not be subjected to

forced pharmaceutical assault and injury,

just to continue good faith employment,

be hired, play sports,

perform in concert halls,

or dine in restaurants.


There are still individuals

walking around wearing facemasks

because they were duped

by that abject malpractice, malfeasance,

and fraud.

It’s tragic. Pathetic.


And none of you

have enough humanity among you

to realize, that because you did not simply

preserve the Freedoms and Liberty

good faith Americans

are always guaranteed,

you have no further credibility

or consideration.


And kid,

you’re an alleged “married man”,

with an alleged good faith wife

and children,

and so just by that very process

of marital intimacy and going through

“pregnancies” with your wife,

you would think you’d know

how absolutely unbelievably

idiotic and ignorant you must be

to then attempt to campaign

on an “abortion” limitation policy of

6 weeks into that “pregnancy”.


Even within that context of marriage,

most women don’t find out for certain

if they’re pregnant until after six weeks,

mainly because female cycles are

generally 30 days (4 weeks),

give or take a few days depending on

stress levels and

individual specific situations,

so even in the context of marriage,

a female wouldn’t necessarily

spend money on a “home” pregnancy test

until a good week or so after

that normal monthly cycle was missed.

That’s 5 weeks.

And then because golly,

the accuracy of those tests

are as pathetic as the money laundered

“covid” malarkey tests that you also

unconstitutionally subjected

good faith healthy American Floridians to,


even in the context of marriage,

your allegedly intelligent, good faith wife,

would then have to call and

make an “appointment” to then

confirm with an additional

“pregnancy test” that well yes,

in fact she is pregnant,

because WOW Ron,

ask your wife this, or any

intelligent civilized female

who has most certainly gone through

this exact process:

there is not one General Family Practice

that would then proceed

on the basis of a “home pregnancy” test

that individual paid her good money for,

without additionally billing her

for their pregnancy test too

and the office visit,

after she called to make an appointment

to see a general family practice doctor

sometime in the next week, two weeks,

three weeks, whenever that busy

general family practice has time

in their busy overbooked schedule

stupidly seeing healthy Americans

because they’ve been

stupidly conditioned and exploited

to have “regular checkups”

just to see if there’s anything

that could be found

to bill to what that practice is counting on

to pay for that unnecessary waste of time,

“health” insurance.


And between that roster of

waste of time and billing,

combined with pediatric

well-baby and well-children visits

that are exactly the same pathetic

waste of time, fraud, and abuse,

odds are

when your wife called

to have “experts” confirm

that she was pregnant

after intelligently knowing her own body,

and waiting through her individual

30-day cycle before wasting

any of her money or time,

let alone anyone else’s time or money,

which is at minimum,

somewhere around a 5-week span

to begin with,

if she could get an appointment,

waiting on that idiotic,

“consult your doctor” moment

could put her well into 6, 7, or 8 weeks,

and even then, that’s just to allegedly

make sure she’s pregnant.


So kid, as a grown adult married man,

who obviously

doesn’t even know how long it took

for your own wife to really make sure,

she was actually pregnant,

you sound like a total imbecile,

campaigning on a 6-week abortion ban.


And everything I just talked about,

was within the context of marriage,

within presumably monogamous

interaction and awareness.


Put that same conversation

in the context of indiscriminate,

out-of-wedlock, regular sexual interaction

with one or several different males,

and that individual female is even more

anatomically illiterate

than you obviously are

even with degrees from Yale and Harvard,

and wow Ron,

does that help you understand

how idiotic a 6-week ban on abortion is?

Especially if the female is overweight

and is regularly sexually irresponsible,

abused, or trafficked,

my goodness, it could be many weeks

before that individual even realizes

she might be pregnant,

because there really are obesity-subsidized,

low educated, low behavioral females,

just that pathetic.


In the context of your marriage,

you can’t imagine how pathetic

that low-minded, low-behavior

reproductive system ignorance

can truly be.


As a United States

Constitution Rights representative,

whether at the federal, state, or local level,

you do not have the authority

to dictate what a female can or cannot do

to restore and get her life

back on good course

after a moment of ignorant,

irresponsible, immature,

stupid juvenile behavior resulted

in an unwanted pregnancy,

and most certainly

if that pregnancy was the result

of criminal physical abuse and assault.


Grace is something

some men, especially, love to preach about,

but only so much as

it gets people into their “churches”

and tithing to the “big guy” to feed them,

or “pardon” their corruptions,

adulteries, and compromises.


In the United States of America,

that primitive, old world,

alpha male dominion mindset and abuse,

has, in the Light of

Intelligent Freedom and Liberty’s Grace,

become illogically fascistic and legalistic

in the surrounding of so much blessing,

happiness, goodness, sound reason,

civility, and willingness to learn,

be better, do better, and thrive.



Middle English: via Old French from
medieval Latin dominio(n-),
from Latin dominium,
from dominus ‘lord, master’.


In the United States of America,

women are not property,

and neither are men.


It is grossly intellectually insulting

that a kid with accomplished degrees

from Yale and Harvard,

would behave so untowardly

and lord such primitive mindset

against American females.

One would think, if any imposition

of opinion would be publicly declared,

it would be one of intelligent

physical body understanding,

albeit secondary, I mean you are male,

and therefore

are at an obvious disadvantage

when it comes to speaking effectively

on your opinion of what the female body

should or should not be allowed

to self-discipline, subdue, or contain.


Or is it that you are in league with those

who would see America turn into

nothing but a tyrannical exploitation,

commoditization, and dictatorship

over the wretched refuse

of the most ignorant, wanton,

pathetic human behaviors and atrocities?


There is not enough money

in all the world to feed and provide for

that fraud, waste, and abuse

of human flesh and ignorance.


In the United States of America,

while We as a people

do not subsidize such ignorant behavior

or barbaric remedy,

the lesson of that intelligent grace

is easily understood

compared to

the horrific abuses and violence

those children statistically, predictably

suffer and succumb to,

if born into that ignorant, juvenile,

and/or criminal setting.


What about Pence?


Pence is allowed some grace

just as many representatives

have been kindly given,

and because he was

Trump’s vice president,

he could have specific insights

that for national security reasons

cannot be publicly discussed

at this particular time.

That being said,

his overly legalistic rush to “certify”

the alleged results

of the obvious, absurdly compromised

202o presidential election,

set him immediately at odds

with what intelligent civilized

good faith born-and-raised Americans

knew were truly statistically impossible

election vote count results.


There was no “Constitutional crisis”

that necessitated such rigid, unreasonable,

procedural extremism.


To give similar attitudinal example,

it was the same unreasonable parsing

the “Supreme Court”

has illogically equivocated on many

obviously easily remedied concerns

they do not also concurrently

address and alleviate

under the Supremacy

that individual American

Constitution Rights,

Freedoms, and Liberties

always guarantee,

preserve, and provide.


For example,

ruling that it was “unconstitutional”

to dictate forced pharmaceutical assault

against good faith Americans,

needed no “ruling” to confirm

what Americans already knew,

and yet, that very pretense

of having to wait on

the 6 generally intelligent justices

to say that officially,

redundantly out loud,

was a gross miscarriage of Justice,

in that individuals literally died

as a result of the fraudulent pretense

unbelievably criminally broadcast as


grand poobah terrorist dictate or else.


John Roberts should have stood up

and thrown a gigantic flag on that malarkey,

immediately declaring it

completely unconstitutional and fraud,

no additional “concurrence” needed

it was so obviously criminal

and wrong.


But in the same series of “rulings”,

those alleged intelligent 6 “justices”,

then subjectively decided and

unconstitutionally declared

that American healthcare workers

are really nothing more than

involuntary human experimentation slaves,

at the whim, dictate, and

unlimited pharmaceutical assault

of the CDC and/or

a dumb ignorant

illogically black militant supremacist

white guy “president”.

No compliance,

no doctor, nurse, or any other

continued healthcare profession career.

No exceptions.

Not even pregnant female physicians.


So, in light of that,

and hearing that there were

at least 19 in the Senate

that were actually denouncing

all of that malarkey, but not one of them

with enough legal anything

to write a warrant on

evidential proof basis of

active Treason, Felony,

Breach of the Peace, and

Breach of Public Trust

being perpetrated by the CDC,

Biden, and his alleged “administration,


the United States and

good faith born-and-raised

United States Americans

on a national scale,


the only assessment

that can be acted on and effected

from an individual American perspective

is there is an obvious compromise

and breach of publicly broadcast

communications throughout

the United States system.


And the culprit assaulted that fraud

some time in the second term

of the occupation of the White House

from 2008 to 2016,

when that communist terrorist organizer,

allegedly provided classified information

that compromised and gave unauthorized,

unconstitutional, criminal access

that breached, opened, and facilitated

foreign nation propaganda broadcast

into the United States,

criminally subjecting

American communications

to fraudulent “virtual reality” deception

using simulations of

real life individuals,

bureaucrats, and politicians,

but scripting them to perpetrate

a 100 percent completely illegal,

completely unconstitutional hoax

that perpetrated

an economic, pharmaceutical,

and psychological “warfare”

propaganda terrorist assault,

against the United States

and every, unsuspecting, kind-hearted,

trusting, intelligent civilized good faith

United States American.


On that one act of grossly misguided,

militant espionage and sabotage alone

that individual can be immediately

indicted as a Traitor, and/or

foreign, militant,

enemy infiltrator and combatant

against the United States,

and on scale of severity alone,

is subject to death penalty execution.




It’s why I don’t care

about listening to a stupid “debate”,

when I haven’t been able to simply

enjoy good faith phone conversations,

texts, emails, or even mail correspondence

with my children or grandchildren

since March of 2020,

when that political assault

was pathetically shoved.


Even making business phone calls,

or receiving business phone calls,

has been stupidly pathetically

harassed and compromised.


Calling “customer service”

about any number of common sense

human business conversations,

has been completely pathetically

intruded upon to such an extent,

to call any customer service number

was like calling juvenile delinquents

and street thugs who were fraudulently

asking for all sorts of information

they were attempting to compromise

by pretending they were

“legitimate” customer service reps

of even some of America’s major

corporate businesses,

products, and services.


If it’s a grossly malprogrammed

artificial intelligence attempt

to take the “human element” out of

everything in intelligent human life,

way of life, and civility,



The perpetrators of that crime,

are so not worthy

of anything good, happy, or kind.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy










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