February 9, 2023



Joe Biden is accusing

all service industry workers

of not reporting their tips.



Is Grandpa Biden

trying to steal money

out of your pocket again?


Don’t pay him any attention.

After listening to that

State of the Union speech,

he’s obviously nothing

but a grumpy old man.


And back in prehistoric times

when Grandpa Biden was young enough

to work at the local high-end

Brontosaurus Burger,

they didn’t have a new-fangled thing

called credit cards,

or check cards.


And so he doesn’t realize

everyone pays their waiter or waitress

using those cards.

It’s ALL recorded and reported.


It’s just silly ol’ Grandpa Biden

being ornery

and bullying the kids again.


Those threats he’s making

are unconstitutional anyway.

And of course,

the critters he’s affirmatively hired

don’t know anything

about eating in a nice restaurant

or tipping excellent service.


It’s all those foreign invaders

he’s human trafficked and hired

to do the work

he and the democrats insist

that American’s won’t do,


mainly because

well golly

it’s unconstitutional,

it assaults our fellow good faith Americans,

and it steals income out of their pocket.


Truly. Who even thinks like that,

let alone does that?


Grandpa Biden.


He creates nothing of value or service.


Just ignore him kids.


Your reported tips

are All reported

by credit card and check card transactions.


And let the IRS know that, too.

I guess they’ve been welfare subsidized

for so long,

they have no idea

how honorable,

real world

good faith business and service

actually works.


At that,

the kids once again

happily demonstrated

how that plays out:




Golly you did a great job.

Here’s a generous $10 tip,

on a $10 tab.


Oh wow! Thank you so much!


[ At that moment,

an IRS agent

rudely interrupts

that lovely exchange

between good public service,

and supportive gratitude. ]


Aha! You’re not reporting

that tip income!

You owe Grandpa Biden,

foreign invaders,

and welfare terrorists,



What are you talking about?

I just gave my friend a gift of thanks.

It’s a sacred transaction

between two good faith citizens,

that actually encourages

excellence and good service,

and discourages bad service

and incompetence.


What sort of dirtbag goon thug are you

to insist you get a portion of this

happy gift I kindly chose

to give my friend here

for great service?


How would you like it

if someone raided your house

after a birthday party

and demanded that

Grandpa Biden,

foreign invaders

and welfare terrorists

get a portion

of your birthday money

or Christmas money

that was given to you

to actually purchase something

you could select yourself,

instead of a gift

that needed to be returned

because it wasn’t the right color,

or size, or style?


What sort of lowlife creep are you

that you would bully and take

a portion of the gift

I just gave my friend here

for great service?


Stand down.

What you’re harassing

is unconstitutional,

a rude, ill-mannered invasion of privacy,

and nothing but bullied street thug theft.


Grumpy old Grandpa Biden

has no authority to do that,

and neither does the IRS.


ALL tips are already reported

you morons.


You’re the same dummies

that bullied Mama

for an entire year insisting

if she didn’t file by April 15th,

she was in trouble and owed

fines and all sorts of stuff.


When they hire foreign invaders

and incompetent welfare slaves

to work at the IRS, they don’t know,

(because they’ve never paid taxes)


for time to file taxes...

that Mama did always file,

until those goons bullied her

to such an extent

they made it impossible

to even file her tax returns

the way she had always filed them

for decades.


They owe her money.


(Right then, Mama stepped in

and continued... )


And after going through all that...


as Constant, Presiding,

Constitution Rights representative

on behalf of all

good faith

intelligent civilized

born-and-raised citizens,

I annulled

the individual income tax division

of the IRS

in April of 2022.


It’s unconstitutional,

it’s a form of thuggery.

It’s extortion,

robbery, and coercion.

It’s criminal, uncivilized, and oppressive.


It’s caput.


Good faith Americans

don’t tax each other.

It’s immoral.

It’s absurd.


For example,

someone who has a good faith mortgage

on their home...


doesn’t it make a whole lot more sense

for each of us to help

that fellow good faith American

pay off their home faster,

by not sending out goons

to threaten, harass, and

forcibly take money

out of that good faith citizen’s

excellent service income

for something we don’t need,

support, condone, or demand?


Of course it does.

That’s what good faith people do.

They don’t bully and steal money

out of every paycheck

of their neighbors, friends, and countrymen.

It’s counterproductive.


Grandpa Biden doesn’t understand that.

He’s actually sending money

to foreign nations

while he’s shouting down,

bullying, financially assaulting,

and stealing money

out of good faith citizen’s paychecks

every day.


He’s nothing but a political adulterer,

cheating and not faithful to

his own country

or good faith fellow Americans.



a bully or thug, especially one hired
to terrorize or do away with opposition.



Here in the United States,

a goon is a criminal.

A domestic terrorist.

Even if that person

is allegedly in the Office of the President.


Isn’t it odd

there’s a supposed “war on terror”

and yet they’re now the ones

perpetrating that terror

against Us

in direct violation

of the duties and limitations

of every public service position

in the United States?


My goodness gracious.


It’s like that silly youngin’ the other day

saying that until slavery was ended

for blacks in the United States,

he’d keep fighting to free them.


Bless his heart,

that youngin’ was brainwashed

and kept illiterate

by his own skin color,

because obviously he can’t even read

The United States Constitution

and realize, wow,

there is no slavery or

involuntary servitude

in the United States.

It was abolished

almost two and a half centuries ago

at the very founding of this nation,

and then literally spelled out

so even those who ignorantly insist

learning to read is racist

could at least get their cellphone

to read the 13th Amendment to them.


That’s the problem with foreign invaders

infiltrating those positions

in Congress, the Judiciary,

and the Administration.


They don’t know it’s not Us.

It’s not the United States.


They think it’s like

the third world hell nations

they came from,

that sold them like cattle

in the first place,


they were lured here

by criminals and politicians

like Grandpa Biden,

who should have already

been arrested on evidence of

Treason, Felony, Breach of the Peace, and

Breach of Public Trust.


They’re the ones

actively perpetrating and

criminally funding

foreign invasion,

human trafficking,

and welfare enslavement.


They’ve made themselves

enemies of Us,

just like they are of you.


But well golly,

maybe next time

you’ll actually listen to what

Grandpa Biden is saying

before you vote for him

because he unconstitutionally,

criminally promised

he would just magically

pay off your student loans

with stolen money

out of everybody’s paychecks.


That was unconstitutional

and criminal too.


Just like sending out goons

to falsely accuse all service industry workers

of not reporting their tips

and golly,

not paying their fair share of



against Us.


That’s how dumb

all this is.


And now wildman DJ

is trying to pick fights with Little Ron,

like a high school bully

trying to start a mud-wrestling fight

with a JAG prosecutor.


Eeek. That’s not a pretty thought

now is it.


So kids,

that’s why I do what I do.


I am

the Constant, Presiding

Constitution Rights representative

on behalf of all good faith


United States citizens.


No election needed.


Glad to be of service.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy











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