June 21, 2022



the art of dealing with people
in an honorable, trustworthy,
courteous, and effective way.


In an immature hurry to mow

as many lawns as possible,

neglecting the important practice

of inspecting the field

before mowing,

can cause unnecessary

safety hazards

to the players and children

who enjoy running and playing

on that open grassy field.


While sure, a big deck

zero-turn-radius mower

can mow aluminum cans

and continue cutting the grass,

those now shredded

sharp metal pieces

are now more difficult to see

strewn all over the field.


Simply stopping and picking up

the cans or other debris on the field

before mowing

is much easier and safer

for everyone concerned.


The obvious solution

is for individuals

not to litter in the first place,

but to multiply that discourteous act

by then mowing over it

and making that entire area

a safety hazard to players and children,

does cause one to

intelligently conclude

such individual

shouldn’t be allowed access

to a mower,

let alone be employed to mow

an athletic field or park.



Who doesn’t know that?

Who mows over things like that

and doesn’t think forward

the safety hazard

he alone is creating?


It’s why it’s important

before every game

and outdoor playtime,

to walk around the area

and make sure

the field is safe

for players and children.


It’s not a matter of “legislating”,

it’s a matter of personal

common sense and responsibility.


If you finish a drink

conveniently contained

in a can, bottle, or cup

and there’s no trash can available,


carry the can, bottle, or cup

back to the car, or

with you on your walk,

and put it in the trash

when you get home.


You had no problem carrying it

while you were enjoying its refreshment.

What’s so hard about

carrying it with you

until you can put it in a trash can

that’s for that very purpose?


Stadiums too.

Do you know how much easier

and less expensive it would be

if each person at that game

simply carried their empty drink cups

and food containers

with them as they were leaving the stadium

and intelligently put them in the trash bins

stationed by every exit

on their way out?


Why not make that

a game for the fans

in and of itself?

The goal is a perfectly clean stadium

no spills, no trash, no clutter left behind

making it necessary

for other good faith citizens

to have to clean up

that illogical, uncivilized,

neanderthal mess.


Parents in the stands

could have fun

playing that game with their kids too,

to see if their family

could leave the stadium

clean and ready for the next game

and the next group of fans

who would sit in those seats.


We do that at restaurants too.

Fast food and nice restaurants,

making it super easy

for the waitstaff to do what they do best,

and it not be overly difficult

to clear away plates or silverware

or refill drinking glasses.


I’ve never understood that.




You’re sitting at a table up against a wall,

or impassably close

to other tables and guests,

making it difficult

for the fellow citizen bringing your food

to reach you,

and yet,

there are some people,

who don’t have the common sense,

to naturally help out.


It’s odd.

I mean, people don’t do that at home,

why do they act like that at restaurants,

expecting the servers to

reach across people at the table

to remove a plate or refill a drink?

It’s only exponentiating the possibility

of spills or dropped plates or silverware.


At home,

everyone at the table helps out.

It’s understood.

You’re at the table together,

you’re all in the meal together.

Help each other out,

so no one, including the waitstaff,

has to reach unnaturally or awkwardly

to serve, replenish, or remove items

during that shared meal experience.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy










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