May 30, 2023


Oh my goodness.


Kevin McCarthy.


Come here sweetie.

It seems you’re having difficulty

understanding what your duties are

as the Speaker of

the U.S. House of Representatives.


Government is not in business.

Has no source of income, and shouldn’t.


Government has no income

but what good faith Americans

commonly, individually understand

is good to voluntarily fund

to protect, defend, and preserve,

their good faith Freedoms, Liberty,

Lives, and Livelihoods.


It’s why direct taxation

of individual citizen

income, property, and sustenance

is specifically unconstitutional

and illegal in the United States,

and in the individual States,

and in the individual cities,

towns, and localities.


It’s why the fraudulent, immoral

alleged “16th amendment”,

has no authority,

and the IRS it created

to bully, terrorize, oppress, and enforce

that immoral theft against

good faith American citizens

also has no authority whatsoever

to do so, and thus, is annulled,

no “vote” needed to “repeal” it.


Otherwise, that would be like saying

it would take a two-thirds majority vote

of thugs and criminals to repeal

their pretended acts of “legislation”

that would not allow

good faith Americans

to protect their lives, children,

homes, and businesses from

thugs, thieves, terrorists, and murderers.


Obviously, that nonsense is null and void.

It’s the same

with the unconstitutional, immoral,

alleged 16th Amendment.


Got it?


So Kevin, sweetie.

Come here just a minute.

To help you understand

and better perform

the duties and responsibilities you have

as a representative of those very

right, good, common sense freedoms,


today, you’re going to be

Cashier Kevin

at a local Walmart.


And to assist Us equally and honorably,

in this helpful

fictional, instructional

dramatized presentation,



Hakeem Jeffries,

sweetie come here for just a minute.

You’re going to be

Shopper Hakeem.


Got it?


Mama. Do I get a big fat wallet

full of money to spend and buy

anything I want

in this big giant Walmart store?


No Hakeem.

What did I just explain?

Government has no income.

Makes no income,

and that’s a good thing.

You wouldn’t want the government

dictating what stores people can shop in,

or what products people can or cannot buy

because they’ll run every good faith citizen

out of business and enslave

the entire population

to really really bad products, quality,

and well... rude, mean thugs and bullies

insisting their new order of customer service

is forced involuntary servitude.


Got it?


Ok Shopper Hakeem,

here’s a Walmart shopping cart.

Have at. Go through the store

and fill that cart to the brim

with everything you and your “constituents”

tell you to put in that shopping cart.


But Mama, you just said

the government doesn’t make any money.

How much money do I have to spend?




Well I’m gonna spend it anyway.

My constituents elected

and sent me to Washington

to get them a bunch of free stuff.


Ok, Hakeem, if that’s what you think

you’re in “representative” position to do,

go ahead and fill up that shopping cart.

Cashier Kevin and I

will be standing right here

when you’re ready to check out.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

while Hakeem is busy

filling up the shopping cart

with all the requests his “constituents”

are asking him to “fight” for,

(at least that’s the way he describes it

on his official representative website )


again, like a play-by-play sporting event,

let’s look at the math of that, shall we?


Government intelligently,

isn’t in business, and has no income

= $0.00 money

Reducing the money they don’t have =



And so knowing the government

in the United States,

NEVER has authority to

send out a bunch of thugs

to pick good faith citizens up

by their ankles and hold them over a cliff

to shake the wallets and money

out of their pockets...


Wait. What?

You mean you don’t do that here,

like they do back in Barack’s hometown

of somewhere Africa?


Oh no kids, really, you should read

the alleged “biographies”

of that community terrorist organizer.

He actually fondly recalls

that very violence and theft

as a fun childhood memory.


So imagine if that is your upbringing.

And you’ve been brainwashed to think

America and white Americans

are the ones enslaving blacks.


That’s how stupid and foreign

all this nonsense has been.


So to further illustrate

to that alleged democrat “minority speaker”


criminally “voting” to increase

deficit spending

is grounds for his immediate arrest and

permanent removal from Congress and

any further position of public trust,

(and the same goes for anyone else there

voting for that too),


let’s get back to today’s

instructive dramatization,

to see how that would play out

in the real world:


The alleged democrat “minority speaker”,

now playing the part of

“Shopper Hakeem” at Walmart

has filled up a shopping cart

with all sorts of food, pharmaceuticals,

tools, electronics, TVs, and clothing items.

Filled that cart as full as full can be.


He goes to the cashier,

who today,

for this “Representative” presentation

is Cashier Kevin,


and when that good faith cashier

says to Shopper Hakeem

that will be $12,500.23,


because government isn’t in business,

and has no income to spend

but what good faith Americans

intelligently understand

needs to be voluntarily funded

to help protect their

good faith Liberty and Freedoms,


the alleged democrat “minority speaker”

has $0.00 to spend,


just like the Majority Speaker,

Cashier Kevin.


But then,

Shopper Hakeem

tells Cashier Kevin,

he should just be able

to walk out of that store with all that stuff

and not pay for it,

because he’s got a group of

thugs and terrorists

who are going to bully, terrorize,

and force thefts

of good faith American citizen incomes

to pay for his demands of

unlimited “deficit spending”.


Raise the debt-ceiling,

Shopper Hakeem says to

Cashier Kevin,

neither of whom have money

to spend on that shopping cart

full of Shopper Hakeem’s

“constituent” demands for “free” stolen stuff.


I don’t have the authority to do that,

Cashier Kevin says to Shopper Hakeem.

That will be $12,500.23.


I don’t have to pay that. That’s racist.

You’re just trying to keep this black man

from getting free stuff,

Shopper Hakeem then accuses Cashier Kevin,

who’s just there working at Walmart

to help pay for his house, and car,

and put food on his family’s table.

Shouldn’t be a life-threatening job at all,

simply ringing up

groceries and household items

and receiving payment on behalf of Walmart

for those items.


So what does Shopper Hakeem do?


Well it used to depend on how many thugs

and terrorists he had to back him up

in the area where that particular Walmart

was located.


Because in other similar

“theft-spending” shopping sprees,


when it got to the point of insisting

that black man should just be able

to fill up a shopping cart

and walk out of that store

without paying for any of it,


if anyone tried to stop him,

Cashier Kevin,

and his fellow Walmart associates

really didn’t sign up to work at Walmart

to be on the front lines of

third world hell terrorist threats, violence,

plundering and pillaging,

that then threatened to

burn the whole place down

if Shopper Hakeem couldn’t just

walk in, fill up a shopping cart,

and walk out with whatever he

and his “constituents” wanted that day

for “free”.


At that point,

one of the 4th graders in the room

raised his hand,

and politely asked,



isn’t what Shopper Hakeem is doing



Why yes sweet one, it is.


Then where are the police officers,

who stop bad guys and criminals

from bullying, stealing, and hurting

good faith people just going about their day?


Well Shopper Hakeem and

his alleged “democrat” constituents,

insisted that it was racist and unfair

that a black person

couldn’t just walk in and steal things,

and if anyone tried to stop him,

blacks could riot, terrorize, and murder

anyone they wanted

to get their way.


At that the 4th grader,

and the other children in the room

began to cry.


Mama! That’s not right!

Stealing is bad! Murder is bad!

Why isn’t anyone stopping them?


Ask Barack.

He’s the one who insisted

good faith Americans

didn’t build this great nation.

He’s the one who insisted

black people should be allowed

to be thugs and criminals and thieves

and no one should be allowed to stop them.


At that the adults in the room,

who stupidly voted for a person

based solely on the color of his skin,

were horrified,

realizing they had actually voted

for that terrorism to be unleashed

right here in the United States.


So now Ladies and Gentlemen,

and boys and girls,

let’s have Shopper Hakeem

and Cashier Kevin

represent what else has happened

in similar situations,

when it’s not a matter of

compromise, negotiation,

or “reaching across the aisle”

so Cashier Kevin and Shopper Hakeem

can work out a “deal”,

concerning money or merchandise

neither has authority

to negotiate.


(Psst. That goes for anyone else

in public servant position, too,

most especially the President.)


Sweeties, pick back up at the part

where you, Cashier Kevin

tell Shopper Hakeem that’ll be

$12,500.23 for that shopping cart full of stuff

you just kindly rang up for Shopper Hakeem.


Cashier Kevin says to Shopper Hakeem,

That will be $12,500.23.


Shopper Hakeem

again says to Cashier Kevin,

I don’t have to pay that,


and then...

We could go through the different scenarios

that have already happened

in that very moment,

not necessarily at Walmart,

but convenience stores, and anywhere

a thief and violent criminal

is hellbent on getting what he wants.


For example:


Shopper Hakeem pulls a gun

and threatens to murder Cashier Kevin

and all his fellow Walmart associates

who try to stop him from walking out

of that Walmart with that shopping cart

full of stolen “free” stuff.




Cashier Kevin, authorized to have

a Walmart-issued gun, as part of his

official Cashier uniform

for all shoppers to openly see,

pulls his gun and orders Shopper Hakeem

to stand down, as he calmly hand-cuffs him

while Walmart security cameras

capture the entire incident in HD detail.


Of course that’s only if Shopper Hakeem

politely cooperates

with being rightly stopped

by threat of Greater Force if necessary,

and stands there calmly

while Cashier Kevin

zip-ties his hands to the bar built into

each cashier station for just that purpose,

so when local police arrive,

they can then easily arrest and remove

Shopper Hakeem from there

on charges of attempted robbery,

assault, fraud, disorderly conduct, and

Breach of the Peace...

the Peace of common sense

intelligent civilized life and shopping.


Sadly though, odds are,

Shopper Hakeem,

if he was willing to fill up a shopping cart

with no intention of paying for

any of that merchandise,

and having learned from all the

terrorist propaganda example

of the past three years

of how a black man can actually be

celebrated as a violent repeat criminal,

so much so the alleged “president”

will remember the anniversary

of his self-imposed death

by stupidly fighting with police

simply there to arrest him for defrauding

and attempting to steal things from others,


odds are,

based on that really stupid example,

instead of politely cooperating,

Shopper Hakeem

would attempt to lunge and also steal

Cashier Kevin’s Walmart-issued

uniform gun,

and in that scuffle

depending on who’s more prepared

for that very likely criminal escalation...

(gosh don’t you hope Cashier Kevin

can hold onto his gun,

and it not be stolen

by violent, thieving Hakeem? )



Did you hear what just happened?


There were actually a group of

third world hell mindsets, blacks especially,

who were actually rooting for

now criminal Shopper Hakeem to overpower

Cashier Kevin,

take his gun,

murder him

and anyone else who gets in his way

as he now, not only walks out of that Walmart

pushing that shopping cart full of

$12,500.23 in merchandise,

but also has Cashier Kevin’s gun

to use the next time

his “constituents”

have a list of “free” stolen stuff they want.


Ladies and Gentlemen...


Mama. Now we know why you said

it’s ok to discriminate. It’s ok

to use good discernment,

and just because someone is black, or

hispanic, or asian, or foreign, or white,

if they’re doing something

that’s hurting, harming, threatening,

stealing, vandalizing, or destroying

good faith American lives, livelihoods,

property, Freedom, and Peace,

they are equally arrested

and brought to good faith Justice

to protect Us all

from such uncivilized beasts,


and monsters.


We understand why, and how good it is,

that you are Pro-Intelligent Life,

and at the same time,

Pro-Death Penalty.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

most especially those of you

who should be honorable

members of the House of Representatives,

the Senate, the Judiciary,

and the Executive branches

of this Great, Intelligent, Civilized,

and Prosperous nation,


“deficit spending”

is deficient spending.


The words deficit and deficient originate

from the Latin word deficere, “fail”,

and they’re similar in origin

with the word defect,

which as a noun denotes something

that’s a “shortcoming, imperfection, or lack”,

but in verb form,

meaning action or behavior form,

to defect, means

“abandon one’s country or cause
in favor of an opposing one”.


So when you understand

the defecting spending

these political terrorists are perpetrating

sending money to foreign nations

while depleting, oppressing, impoverishing,

and failing the United States...



the crime of betraying one’s country,

specifically in the United States,
by attempting to overthrow
Freedom, Liberty,
and the Constitution Rights
guaranteed to all good faith
United States citizens,
and impose enslaving, impoverishing,
tyranny, assault, and fraud.



“Senators and Representatives

perpetrating Treason, Felony,

and/or Breach of the Peace,

shall be arrested ”

[and permanently removed from office
to prevent further harm and assault
against the United States, and
good faith United States Americans.]


And the worst part about that is,

the additional dramatized interaction

I didn’t mention earlier

in the possible alternatives between

Shopper Hakeem and Cashier Kevin,

that should never occur,

and Constitutionally,

shall never occur

in the United States :


Cashier Kevin says to Shopper Hakeem,

That will be $12,500.23.


Shopper Hakeem

again says to Cashier Kevin,

I don’t have to pay that,


and then...


Cashier Kevin winks at Shopper Hakeem

because Cashier Kevin and Shopper Hakeem

are part of an organized crime scheme

that has politically ganged up

to plunder and pillage not only Walmart

but the entire United States population,

while overthrowing

individual good faith citizen

Freedoms, Liberty, Life, Livelihood,

and Happiness,

to impoverish, assault, and enslave

the entire population

to their third world hell demands,

tyranny, and dictates.


Speaker McCarthy,

the truth of the matter is,

pretending to “negotiate”



the lives and incomes

of good faith Americans,


so you and the democrat “minority speaker”

can fund more

domestic terrorism,


and foreign invasion,

while also sending funds to

foreign nations and foreign pensions,

over our own citizens,


my goodness kids.

Who raised you?


You each

should be ashamed of yourselves.


Most especially after

the completely inhuman

economic terrorism

criminally perpetrated against

the United States, and

good faith United States Americans

under the guise and Felony Fraud of

masked criminal



The thing about good faith Americans is,

We understand and remember

what’s good and right

and what’s bad, wrong,

criminal, and corrupt.


The best way to honor those

who in good faith joined

the United States Military

to defend, protect, and preserve

the United States, and good faith Americans,

from all enemies foreign and domestic,

is to fortress Home and Homeland,

and immediately remove those

in alleged public service positions,

who have voted in favor of

unlimited deficit-spending,

which is nothing but

unlimited theft-spending

against America,

and good faith American incomes.


In Honor

of those who truly honorably fought

to secure Freedom and Liberty,


free stolen stuff and thuggery,



and in Honor

of the hundreds of millions

of my fellow good faith




good natured,

good hearted,


common sense Americans,


most of what Congress is doing

is not only not worth funding,

it’s fraud, waste, abuse,

and money laundering.


We’re done with the disgrace of a man

pretending he’s the alleged “president”

while abusively assaulting

truly awesome sweetheart Americans

that they’re “white supremacists”,

or must have “sensitivity training”

to unnaturally welcome and accept

criminality, perversion, and

degenerations and disorders

of mind and behavior,

into our lives, workplaces, schools,

shopping, recreations, and churches.


What you are criminally promoting,

will, and has already in some areas,

create and fund


on earth.


There are those who have openly said

that’s exactly what sort of world they want,

thinking they can then “organize”

and exploit it for raw power, greed, and

notorious, infamous acclaim.


Who raised you?

We know from

Barack’s own biographies

what sort of terrorism example

he was raised in.


A world, nation, state, city, town, or locality,

where no one is safe

to simply walk down the street,

or shop in a store,

or go to work, or school.


A kill or be murdered existence,

so unstable,

so ignorant,

so irrational, violent, and brutal,

good faith life

simply says enough,

and pulls out their good faith employees,

and closes the stores and services there,

never to return again.


That’s not racist.

That’s intelligent common sense.


Shame on you

for leading innocent black children astray

into thinking violent, thug, criminal behavior

is a black person’s “right”;

“right” as long as it’s a black person.


Mindsets and behaviors like that

are never given “equal” opportunity

in the United States.


Go to hell Barack.

Go to hell Michelle.

Go to hell Biden, Harris,

and every one of you

who have disgraced only yourselves

before and entire nation

of truly remarkable citizens

who are patient,

who are courteous,

who are generous,

but would NEVER fund

violence, fraud, welfare enslavement,

and strategic

child abuse,

child terrorism indoctrination,

and child endangerment

like that.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy











Definitions in today’s post are from
the New Oxford American Dictionary,
with the exception of the additional
clarification of treason,
specifically in the United States.


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