December 1, 2022



My car insurance

just went up because of you.

For no other reason,

than the selfishness

of shoving electric vehicles

into a happy good faith way of life

that runs on plentiful gasoline

and plentiful cars and trucks

intelligently designed and regularly built

for decades

to enjoy that prosperity

of domestic natural resources,


and productivity.


My car is a 1999

and I’ve more than paid enough

insurance premiums over the years

to cover pretty much anything

if necessary.


And yet, now,

because of the selfish,

inconsiderate, megalomaniacal insistence

that all vehicles must be electric

in a truly absurd timeframe,


grotesquely unnecessary

increases in used car premiums

are a direct result

of you and those who are so rudely


no choice

when it comes to

good faith citizens just simply being able

to drive their cars to work,

keep them running and well maintained,

put reasonably priced fuel in those vehicles,

and go on about their happy productive lives.


Perhaps that’s the sort of

destructive arrogance you learned

being foreign-born, raised, and educated

in South Africa towards fellow human beings.

To Us, it’s a foreign nation

that has policies and philosophies

that have uniquely caused

a generation-after-generation,

self-imposed third world hell...

a place where 90 percent

of the undernourished and impoverished

children on the entire earth are located.


Here in the United States,

we’re actually reasonable,


common sense,


consider how our actions and policies

might affect good faith life

and would never force something

so insanely harmful, rude, and arrogant.


It’s understandable,

a smart guy like yourself

would find some solace and relief

away from all that

here in our great and prosperous nation,

even staying here long enough to

magically become a fence-straddling,

dual-nation citizen.


Elon, dear one,

that’s an equivocation and complacency

true Liberty and Freedom

does not recognize.


So while the narrative is pretending

to shift its hatred from Trump

to you,

trying to pretend that you are

a “conservative” who just paid

$46 billion

for a glorified online text app,


I, as a good faith, born-and-raised,

multi-generation United States citizen

who loves the internet,

and digital and computer technology,

actually thought what Dorsey created

looked fun and truly practical

purely for the delightful

intelligent self-discipline

of all sorts of good faith citizens

being able to conveniently communicate

simply saying something concisely

in 140 or 280 characters.


From a budgetary standpoint,

there’s not really anything “conservative”

about $46 billion

while good faith United States citizens

are being charged higher prices

for everything for no other reason

than political incompetence

and economic terrorism

both foreign and domestic.


So what’s the game Elon?

Are you basically a pretended

imported “citizen”

who’s really using all the money

and resources of South Africa

to facilitate an invasion of the U.S.

and expand those 90 percent

undernourished and impoverished policies

here against Us?


You have said your dad

was an evil man.

Did you vote for Obama?

If you did,

either time,

you do not understand

what it is to be

a good faith

United States American citizen.


And you know what?


I don’t care.

Because this entire nonsense

is forcing something

that is so uncivilized

it will be stopped.



Because I know if my car insurance

on my 1999 car

just went up $111.40

for no reason other than excuses

about the higher cost of everything,

I can’t imagine

how much those rates have gone up

for more recent model used cars,

let alone new cars.


And it’s your fault...

well yours and the insanity

in the democrat party

trying to violently shove

a “fundamental transformation”

of the entire way intelligent good faith

United States born-and-raised citizens

drive and go to work and

go about their good faith lives

in the United States.


It’s insane.


It’s why those who are incompetent,

illiterate, and communists

are not eligible for any office or position

of public trust in the United States.


Elon...why are you wasting your time

pretending to search through Twitter

to “prove” that democrats

manipulated the elections?

It’s not like We all don’t know that.

It’s obvious.


If you really cared about

honorable Liberty and Freedom,

you wouldn’t allow yourself

to be caught up in the inane continuance

of that political narrative at all.



Do you realize that literally


the United States could return

to normal life, pricing, happiness,

and good function?


That’s the level of political charade and

propaganda being shoved right now

over nothing but organized crime

profiteering, extortion,

embezzlement, and oppression.


Just over two years ago,

none of these problems existed.


So what’s it gonna be Elon?

Are you with good faith Americans

or are you part of this nonsense

straight from third world hell?


If you want Twitter to be profitable,

stop wasting time pretending,

and make me the highest paid CEO

in the United States.

Clearly you have the resources to do so.


I’d love to reclaim Twitter

on behalf of good faith

intelligent, civilized

United States citizens,

and I’ll even play referee

in the political arena

just for fun.


Call me.

You have my number,

if you don’t

you’re not nearly as forward-thinking

as you claim to be.


And just so you know,

as a good faith

born-and-raised American citizen,

I am an independent CEO.

You do not own me.

You do not command me.


It’s why I’ve made the same offer

to Disney and Apple too.


Obviously, Disney could use

some great, common sense leadership

if they had to call Bob Iger out of retirement

just to clean up the disaster political insanity

sexually assaulted against

that good faith American company

with long-established,

wholesome, common sense

Natural Order family values and content.


What happened at Disney

was criminal, corporate sabotage.

Pure selfish silliness.


And I’ve said for years,

when Tim Cook gets tired of

doing a great job as CEO of Apple,

I would be delighted

to bring the Genius message

of “Think Different”

back home to Common Sense

and good Future

as CEO.



call me.

As I said to Elon,

you have my number,

if you don’t

you’re not nearly as forward-thinking

as you claim to be.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy











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