2020: Act 1: Scene 3

After Mama Murphy


The League of United Dynamics

Super Call

Phone Bank,

and the Great State of Florida

was up and running again,

she then turned her attention

to the Great State

of California.


Superhero Anderson

had picked up the feed

and began setting

New York in motion,

so all re-ignition forces

were free to light up the board

on the West Coast.



Thank you Blue Devils

for your outstanding demonstration

of just how easy it is

to restore

Positive Resolution

when given seemingly illogical,

and seemingly dissonant,

notes to perform.


Notes on a page

are notes on a page.


Excellent musicians

know and understand


they do not become

those notes

their part requires them

to perform,


they simply trust

the composer

and know

positive resolution

will ultimately



It’s why directors

and composers

have a greater responsibility

to make sure

positive resolution

is always

ultimately preserved.


Especially within a limited timeframe

of performance.


Great composers understand


must always



Great conductors

understand that too.


It would be unmindful

and disrespectful

of your audience

to write a piece of music

purposely dissonant

and unresolved.


And although

you might get away with

a couple of attempts

at such unsettling discord,



your audience

will seek out

those sounds,

those chords,

those phrases,

those performances

which bring

positive resolution

and its restorative nourishment

to the mind, body,

and soul.


Regular positive resolution


and encouragement,

reflects those

heroic qualities

in each of us

which are maintained

in lavish reserves

and available

for restorative


when temporary

taxing of systems

attempt to deplete

past the point of

Individual Sovereign



And while there have been

pedagogical examples

of works of art and entertainment

purposely created

and left unresolved,


when aligning with those

principles and powers

which fortress strength,



and longevity,


positive resolution

is a self-evident attitude

and altitude

of function.


It’s why super villains

always fail.


They get so

full of themselves

in the “freedom” to conduct

the actions of responders,

they begin to violate

the boundaries of physics

and laws of fluid motion


in a United good faith system of

resonant reciprocity.


Once those intentional

villainous violations

reach a certain pitch

and frequency threshold,


independently autonomous


re-ignite their onboard

self-protection and

self-preservation protocols


and whatever “power”

that super villain had

to temporarily conduct...

is instantaneously

shut off.


It’s a simple lever mechanism...


as simple as

flipping a lightswitch on


in a room once “controlled”

by darkness.


You see boys and girls,

an authoritative “representative”

can only go so far

in their ability

to “influence” the life and livelihood

of another fellow human being.


In the United States of America,

our limited framework

of governance,

not “government” ...


acknowledges that

self-evident understanding

and therefore acknowledges

the individual responsibility

and choice

each citizen has

to live their life

in productive liberty and harmony.


When an individual choice

violates the self-evident Rights

of their fellow good faith citizens

to wholesomely provide for themselves,

protect themselves,

and live an intelligent, civilized

harmonic life,


that individual

is in violation

of not just

good faith laws of “man”

but physical laws

of Being.


As sacred musicians,

trained in modalities

and frequencies of harmony,



and dynamic


those forces and powers

become rudimentary concepts


leading to greater capacities

of intelligence,

both in physical self-discipline

and emotional self-discipline.


Unbridled rage,

when translated

into notes on a page

becomes only a series

of dynamics, velocities,

pitches, and frequencies.


Once understood,

intelligent harmonization


is easily calculated

as simply a series of formulas

and functions

which lead to ultimate


and resolution.


The concepts are no different

when dealing with

human physiology

and the seemingly “complex”

“sickness issues”

some human beings suffer.


When understanding issues of

human physiology

and its self-disciplined mastery,


the first concept

and re-igniting clarity

that must be understood is




is not a health issue.









needs no




needs no care.



in this context...


outside intervention.


And in its worst

most villainous form,

outside imposition.


Those three frequency states




and Strength


are individually sovereign




You can choose

not to develop those

onboard capacities,


but in doing so

you put yourself

in an unnecessary position

of default

and potential devolution

into a physiological state

of sickness powers,

internal dissonance,

unresolution, and eventually

negative resolution



that hypnotically

delude an undisciplined

sickness mindset

into eventually believing

nothing will ever be the same,

no happiness is ever possible,

and the current

temporary misinformation

allowed to fully override

common sense defenses,

eventually begins to deplete

all further reserves of energies

needed to resume

normal healthy activity and

positive outlook.


That’s the full evil effect

of one human being

claiming “authority”

to force mass groups

of good faith healthy human beings

or even one healthy individual

into actions

and restraints,

which self-evidently

deplete and destroy



In the Great United States State

of California,

during the entire time

of this villainously illegal,

unconstitutionally imposed

“pandemic crisis” excuse

to lockdown

and shutdown

our thriving prosperous

individual lives and livelihoods,


only 16 hundredths of a percent

of the total number of citizens

in California

had “symptoms”

manipulatively defaulted

and “attributed”

to “pandemic-related sickness”.


Do you know boys and girls,

ladies and gentlemen,

what that means?


16 hundredths of a percent?


One penny

is one percent

of one dollar.


16 hundredths of a percent

is like taking

only one penny

slicing it into

one hundred slivers



only 16 of those slivers of

only one penny

to destroy 99.84 percent

of every whole dollar’s

economic value and

sustainable productivity.




Would you decide to do anything,

let alone make any major decision,

based on theoretical statistics

showing only

16 hundredths of a percent

of those you are leading

might be effected?


And yet,

the “governor” of the

Great United States

State of California


to violate his oath of

Constitution Representative


and violate The Constitution

and The Bill of Rights assurances

each individual good faith

United States Californian has

to be secure

in their person, house, papers,

and effects.


Their self-evident Rights

of self-protection,

and self-preservation.


Their self-evident

Constitution protected Rights

of Life, Liberty,

and Pursuits of Happiness.


And their self-evident

Constitution protected Rights

to work

and provide for themselves

and their families.


The “governor”

in direct violation

and Contempt

of his oath of Office,

on basis of only

16 hundredths of a percent

of the population

with statistically manipulated

“pandemic crisis sickness symptoms”,


effectively chose

to violate

The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Freedoms and Liberties


99.84 percent

of the entire population

of United States Californians

who are healthy.



as a rounded

whole number reference...


effectively 100 percent

of the United States Californian




Fellow United States citizens,

who were working

and producing,

and living life

just fine



the “governor”

of the Great United States State

of California


illegally forced

a sick mindset

into the

Superhero economic



our Great United States Californian

Infinity and Beyond

explorers, discoverers, and



I mean

it is funny

when you think about it

from that perspective...


that a public servant

tasked with nothing

but upholding, protecting,

and preserving

The Constitution and

Bill of Rights protections

for each and every

good faith

United States Californian

in his assigned area

of protection...


would actually attempt

to tell

our West Coast

League of United Dynamics


they had to “align”

and “tune” to

sickness frequencies

and modalities

and dissonance...


somehow “thinking”

they would just


all their Superhero positivity

and productivity


and do nothing

but focus solely on

a public servant



that statistically

do not effect

99.84 percent

of United States Californians


issued by

an unelected, CDC dictator

who had illegally commandeered

all United States airwaves

and interjected

a “theoretically projected” threat of

“crisis pandemic”


to strategically tank the economy

and force

the highest

healthy workforce

unemployment numbers

in United States history...


so Great Americans

would have no choice

but to “surrender”

to socialized medicine tyrannies

and Communist overthrow

of the United States economy.



the crime of betraying one’s country,
especially by attempting
to kill the sovereign
or overthrow the government.



a person
who helps another commit a crime.


Understand why knowing

what The Constitution and

The Bill of Rights assure

for each and every

individually sovereign

United States citizen

is critically important?


Especially if you are specifically

in a public servant

Constitution Representative


on Oath of that Office

to do nothing but

uphold, protect and preserve

The Constitution and The Bill of Rights

for each individual


United States citizen?



Boys and girls,

ladies and gentlemen,


when it comes to

Life, Liberty, and the Freedom

of good faith Happiness Pursuits...


a villain,

especially nothing

but a silly

public servant

sitting in a

Constitution Representative

Governor seat

whose only authority or power

is to uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution

and The Bill of Rights

for each and every one

of the good faith

United States citizens

in that United States State...


when that public servant

starts behaving

and acting

like a wannabe dictator

and directly violating

his oath of Constitution Representation...


attempting to kill the livelihood

needed to sustain the life

of each individual sovereign

good faith citizen

in their specific area of

Constitution Representation...


and then attempt

to overthrow The Constitution

and The Bill of Rights freedoms

of each of those individual sovereign



golly gee boys and girls...


what a dummy villain


especially a villain


who actually attempts

to do that silliness

in the Great United States State

of California

that’s home of

Titans of United States Industry





It’s like

the tip of a matchstick


to interject itself

into the center of the Sun

to shut it down

and lock it down

and force it

into total compliance



Kudos, though, for

Best Supporting Dictator attempt

in a Reality-based

Artificial-reality simulation play.


What was that

best supporting villain word again?



a person
who helps another commit a crime.


In this case,

the crime of treason

against the 99.84 percent of

individual good faith United States citizens

in the Great United States State

of California.


When those silly dictator wannabes

terrorized our citizens so much

with fake pandemic “crisis”


the 2020 Drum Corps season

was canceled....


the threshold

of certain dissonant pitch,

frequencies, and depletions

of individual sovereignty

was crossed,


and whatever “power”

that super villain had

to temporarily conduct

or direct good faith citizens

lives and livelihoods into darkness



shut off,


and the self-evident

light of Life

instantaneously re-ignited,

fully restored

in hearts and souls of

Great United States Californians,

shining Bright and Strong

as the blue sky sun.


It’s great to see Great Americans

in the Great United States State

of California


stand and know

who We are

as fellow Americans...




Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.


It’s good to get

Clear lines

of Constitution Communication

fully restored

and secured

for our fellow

United States Californians.


Those in any

Constitution Representative position

in the Great State of California

not upholding, protecting, and preserving

those assured Rights

for each individual

good faith United States citizen

of California


have no further power or authority

and are dismissed

without further compensation

or benefit.


You unconstitutionally forced

good faith businesses to close,

and good faith work to shutdown,

preventing fellow United States citizens

from intelligently providing

for themselves and their families.


They owe you nothing.


They owe

no Constitution Representative

public servant

any portion

of their good faith productivity

and effects.


The only “authority”

United States public servants have

is to protect The Constitution Rights

of each good faith


so they can each responsibly prosper

and financially provide

for themselves and their families.


No public servant

has Constitution authority

to tax

individual income or property.


No public servant

has Constitution authority

to tax a good faith citizen

out of their life,

livelihood, and/or property.


The very idea

is tyranny and absurd.


Especially now that

We the People

of the United States of America


have seen just how far

silly wannabe dictators will go

to “declare” themselves

“lord” of all.


Bless your hearts.

Welcome to the United States.


You’re welcome to play,


you just have to understand

and play by the rules of

Constitution Freedom


within the Uniting bonds

of Harmony,






As individual, sovereign,

good faith American citizens,

our United States Liberty...


knows no oppression


and does not acknowledge

or empower





Much love,

Mama Murphy


• • • •


Fresh air and sunshine-loving

United States Californians

will absolutely positively love

learning and updating

their daily Superhero life

with the transformational

discoveries and understandings

presented in The Almighty University’s

upper-level coursebook,

The Cure for the Common Cold
and Divine Healing of America.


And now that you know

99.84 percent

of United States Californians

had no “pandemic crisis” symptoms

needing unconstitutional

shutdown and lockdowns

of individual, healthy,

good faith life and livelihood,


you’ll really appreciate

knowing how to personally

make sure

you never have to have

“a cold” or “the flu”

ever again.